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Case study: Subscan brings specialised skills to Halcrow Group Ltd

Halcrow project manager Daniel Rogers commented: “At Halcrow, we value openness and honesty in our partnerships. Our relationship with Subscan is a great example of this – we’ve developed a high degree of trust and good communication. This means we’re able to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. Consistency across the project plays a big part in its success, with our respective teams working together to deliver the client’s objectives. With each company contributing specialist knowledge to the partnership, we’re able to provide our clients with the best possible service and deliver on our commitments.”

This consistent approach means that Subscan undertakes a wide range of utility surveys for Halcrow outside the scope of the United Utilities framework contract.

Daniel also recognises the value of the highly specialised skills Subscan brings: “As with all clients it is a case of understanding the project as a whole and subsequently advising them of what is involved and the benefits of procuring a utility survey” he said. “We can be confident of the accuracy of the information we receive from Subscan, and this helps us verify our methodology and approach to clients.”

“With new technology always at the forefront of their minds, Subscan are keen to keep me informed of these developments. This close collaboration is a key factor of our success on numerous projects around the UK.”

“The long-term nature of our partnership is based on a high degree of mutual trust. Furthermore, as Subscan mirrors our values we are able to advance our skills and experience and bring imagination to the projects we work on.”

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